RFID Asset Tracking

Asset tracking applications using RFID are among the fastest growing applications to span multiple industries. Whether you are a manufacturing plant, distribution center, healthcare facility, public institution, or school, the ability to accurately track and manage assets is more important than ever. An effective RFID Tracking solution can eliminate the re-purchase of lost assets, improve workflow, and secure assets within a facility.

We design solutions that utilize a variety of technologies including active tags, passive tags, and barcode technologies implemented either together or separately to meet your RFID Asset Tracking needs.

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RFID RealView™ Asset Tracking Software

Real-time Asset Location Visibility

RFID RealView™ is a comprehensive yet customizable RFID Asset Tracking software solution designed to improve the tracking of critical assets and inventory throughout your organization. Through RFID RealView, managers can instantly find assets, count the assets, and view a detailed history of the assets movement.

Gain real-time visibility to current asset inventory, track the movement of assets throughout a facility, and monitor the security of any asset.

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Benefits of RFID Asset Tracking

  • Better Asset Management: Track and Locate Critical Assets
  • Operational Efficiency: Improve Workflow
  • Save Time: Locate Items Quickly and Efficiently
  • Increase Capital: Reduce Working Capital, Lower Operating Costs
  • Generate a Tangible Return on Investment

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RFID’s Role in Today’s Supply Chains

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